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Mina picture

Age : 22
Height : 160cm / 5"3
Vitals : 85 (Ccup) - 59 - 85 / 34 - 23 - 34
English : Basic daily conversation.
Comment : In daily life Mina comes across as the pretty, educated, bright young woman she is. Dig a little deeper, get her into a private situation, and you see the other side of Mina, who is as the song says, "naughty by nature". Sexually curious, and open Mina's two sides complement each other perfectly. Slim body, long hair, and fine skin invite you to explore her more and she is as eager in private as she is sweet in public. Mina is choice for those who prefer a slim, adventurous type. She is not a good option for those who prefer more mature types or fuller figures.
Special notes : Weekdays Mina has a limited schedule, generally available only from around 7pm to 9pm so advance reservations are advised.
Costume : school girl, baby doll

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